Jack’s Abby Brett Bie’re de Garde

Jack's Abby Brett Bie're de Garde

I know you’re all wondering how my junk is doing, so I thought I’d let you know that I’ve pretty much fully recovered from my procedure. I have virtually no discomfort and I’m even back to running. In fact, I set my own personal best today, running 2.8 miles in 20 minutes (7:03/mile average pace). They may have snipped my mojo, but they didn’t take it away!

Jack's Abby Brett Bie're de Garde

I’m celebrating my return to running with a bottle of Jack’s Abby Brett Bie’re de Garde. I’ve been procrastinating about drinking this; I have not recently been in a sour beer mood. The beer is a couple months old now, so I’m forcing it upon myself.

The pour is fantastic, albeit VERY heady. Be careful here! An aggressive pour will reward you with a mound of foam. The head has the consistency of whipped egg-white and leaves picture-perfect lacing on the glass. So far so good!

Jack's Abby Brett Bie're de Garde

I believe this beer is a little over 6% ABV (not listed on the label). This is distinctly a sour beer, but not oppressively so. I’d describe it as light, fruity and tart. It has a light mouth-feel and medium body, making it feel more like 4%! Very drinkable.

I might recommend this brew to someone who is new to sour beers. I’d also recommend it to sour fanatics! In other words: everyone out there go grab a pint of this puppy!


Jack's Abby Brett Bie're de Garde

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