Rising Tide Zephyr

Rising Tide Zephyr

Tonight I’m throwing a shout-out to my team members from my Management Consulting Projects class at Clark University. What’s up Wade, Reed, and Giang?

Rising Tide Zephyr

This is my last semester of the MBA (6 years in the making) and I’m ending it with a bang; for this class our team is executing a consulting project for the New England Patriots Alumni Club! We are meeting with the club’s president Peter Brock on Monday and I’m sure visits with other members of the Patriots organization will be in order. Very, very exciting.

As you can imagine, I’m pretty stoked about the project.

Rising Tide Zephyr

I’m also stoked about tonight’s beer: Rising Tide Zephyr. Rising Tide is a new Portland, Me brewing company. I recently reviewed their Daymark and Ishmael beers.

Rising Tide Zephyr

The Zephyr poured with a bad ass, super sexy, drool-worthy head. I almost took a snapshot of me eating the foam with a spoon (why didn’t I ?!??!).

The brew brings a delightful balance of hops and malt. In the hop department, you’ll pick up fruity and maybe some floral. For the malt, it’s all caramel. What you end up with is a bitterness backed up with a super malty backbone. I call this match-up “sticky” or “chewy”. I love this combination of flavors and it’s an absolutely fantastic beer!

Other beers like this one:

Good company to be in!


Rising Tide Zephyr

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