Samuel Adams Fat Jack

Samuel Adams Fat Jack

Over the last year or two, Sam Adams has been putting out a number of limited batch brews. I applaud them, since it would be easy to stick to their main-stays and still do well. The limited edition beers have been relatively unique and for me have been hit or miss. Some examples:

  • Tasman Red
  • The Vixen
  • Griffin’s Bow
  • Friar Hop Ale
  • Blackened Hops
  • Verloren

For reviews of the above, check out the LIBA Beer Catalog.

Over the weekend I tried their latest limited edition beer – Fat Jack Double Pumpkin Ale. Jack weighs in at 8.5% ABV. It has low carbonation and a medium body. Rather than belabor the review, I’ll cut to the chase: it tasted NOTHING like pumpkin to me. It was boozy, earthy and tasted like dark fruit (figs or raisins). In a blind taste-test I would have told you that this was a barleywine, not a pumpkin ale. Putting the lack of pumpkin aside, the beer didn’t taste all that good either…


Samuel Adams Fat Jack

Author: Joshua Dion

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