Sixpoint Brownstone

Sixpoint Brownstone

T-minus 2 weeks until I’m sitting on the beach in Dominican Republic! My wife and I are SO stoked.

Which reminds me…SHIT, I haven’t asked anyone for guest reviews while I’m gone. I need to get on that. Post a comment if you’re interested in helping out. I’m going to need 7 guest posts!

Sixpoint Brownstone

Tonight’s brew-review is of this Sixpoint Brownstone. I’m not a fan of brown ales, but I picked this up because everything Sixpoint does is so damn good.

In appearance, the beer looks like your average brown ale: heavy frothy head, great lacing, and a deep brown color. One sip and you’ll see that Brownstone is not a typical brown; it is jacked up with hops. Caramel malt becomes mixed with a nutty/earthy flavor. The finish is heavy on citrus/floral hops. 45 international bitter units (IBU) and 6% ABV.

I dig this brew more than other browns and I’m glad I gave it a shot!


Sixpoint Brownstone

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