Uinta Dubhe

Uinta Dubhe

Happy Monday LIBA legion! I had a great weekend, which was highlighted by a FANTASTIC turnout for the LIBA Beer Meetup. Thanks to all who came. I hope to have a recap with a ton of pictures up tomorrow.

Today was a great day too. I just got back from the best run (see above). I FINALLY broke a 7 minute pace for 5k. CRUSHED it too!

I started running about 14 months ago because I felt SO out of shape. Years ago I was a serious athlete. I took 15 years off and fell out of shape. It was time to get back to it, but I hated the gym – BOOOORING! Running is low-cost, does not require a trainer and is addictive as all hell. When I started I was running a 10 minute pace. Within 6 months, it was an 8 minute pace. I never thought I would get down to 7, and look at where I am today!

Uinta Dubhe

One of my favorite things about running is the extra calories I earn each day. They almost always go toward my beer intake. :)

In addition to running three times a week, I’m 99% vegan now. I’m the most healthy I have ever been and I feel fantastic. I’ve recently considered dropping alcohol from my diet in order to get to the peak of health perfection. And then I came to my senses.

In other words, the beer is here to stay!

Uinta Dubhe

Tonight’s reward for an awesome run is Uinta Dubhe. This is a black IPA, brewed with hemp seeds. Get it…”Dubhe”? The beer pours with a decent head and surprisingly little aroma. For color, it’s dark brown with a red hue. I’m not exactly sure what hemp seed tastes like, or is supposed to add to the beer, but this tastes like a standard black IPA to me. It swings much further over to the hoppy side (citrus) than I like in a black IPA (I prefer an equal mix of roasted malt and hops).

I blind taste tested this brew back in the summer of 2011. I did not like the beer at the time, as it was too hoppy. While my feelings about the balance of hops & malt didn’t change in the last year, my pallet has become more accustomed to hops.

Soooooo…long story short, I don’t think this is a great example of a black IPA due to the mis-balance of hops and malt, but I DO like the beer way more than I did a year ago. Quite delicious if you’re down with “the bitter”.


Uinta Dubhe

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2 thoughts on “Uinta Dubhe”

  1. Congrats on breaking 7 minute/mile pace! I’m around where you were at when you started, hovering around 10-11 minute/mile pace. I can’t wait to speed up that pace! Oh, and the beer looks good too!

  2. Thanks Ryan. Keep at it, you’ll get there. My trick is to keep telling myself: “If you’re not barfing, you haven’t hit your limit, keep pushing”. :)


    P.S. I haven’t puked yet.

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