Wormtown Norm

Wormtown Norm

Today has been such a bitter-sweet day. First off, NFL football is in full swing and the Patriots had their first game today. Sweet because football is the best sport on the planet. Not sweet because football = end of summer. Second, Sunday is awesome for football, but also means the end of the weekend. BOO and YAY, all at the same time?

Oh, and double-yay for the Patriots, who won today’s game. I promised (via Facebook) to perform a stunning victory dance if the Pats won by more than 14. Well, they did. See the video below.

Rewinding just a bit, Friday night I took my buddy Norm out for his birthday. We hit up Peppercorns in Worcester, where we enjoyed the new Wormtown Chocolate Coconut Stout called “Norm”. And yes, the beer is named for my friend! I guess that’s what happens when you’re a famous beer writer and you nag the brewer for 2 years to brew something.

The beer is absolutely terrific. It’s rare that you find a beer with coconut and chocolate, and this one is expertly brewed. The chocolate and coconut flavors are both obvious, with neither one overpowering. Although it’s clearly a dessert kind of beer, it’s not overly sweet or boozy. Right now Norm is available only on tap at limited locations in MA. Pro-tip: If you’re from the Boston area, I know that they have it on tap at Sunset. From what I understand, the stuff is going fast. Get it while it lasts!

“Norm” will be one of a few beers that Wormtown is entering into the Great American Beer Festival contests. I’m predicting that it will medal.


Author: Joshua Dion

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