2012 Julio’s Cider Fest – Recap

Josh and I attended Julio’s Fall Cider Fest on Saturday Oct. 6th. It was a small fest held downstairs at Julio’s Liquors in Westborough, MA.

There were a number of ciders that I’ve had before such as Woodchuck, Samuel Smith, Harpoon, Fox Barrel, Angry Orchard, Aspall, JK Scrumpy’s, and Crispin. But there were also quite a few that were new to me.

Here are some of the ciders I tried.

Bantam Wunderkind: Cambridge, MA. 6% ABV. Very tasty! Sweet but not syrupy. I like it a lot!

Crispin Cho-tokkyo: 6.5% ABV. This super unique cider is fermented with sake yeast. It has a very cloudy appearance and no scent. Tastes like nothing at first but finishes with a sake aftertaste. I definitely want to try this one again!

Doc’s Draft Cider: Warwick, NY. I tried their Pumpkin Cider, but I wasn’t a fan. The Cassis Black Currant Cider was delicious, but they only make a small amount so it can be pretty difficult to find.

Luk Cider: I tried both the Luk Cider and the Luk Rose Cider. They were both super light and delicious, but I preferred the Rose (it was a bit sweeter). These are great champagne replacements!

Fatty Bampkins: South Casco, ME. 5% ABV. Super tasty. I recommend!

Thistly Cross Scottish Cider: 6.2% ABV. Another great cider that you should try!

Oliver’s Gold Rush: 6.8% ABV. This cider was the first time I have experienced a flavor I can only describe as “farmy”. Not a fan.

As you can see we had a great time at the event! Have you tried any of these ciders?