Atlantic Brewing Coal Porter

I’m still on vacation, so I have another guest review queued up for today. Our guest is another beer blogger Ryan…

Atlantic Brewing Coal Porter

Hey everyone, Ryan from the Mould Brewhouse beer blog here.

I’ve spent the last week in Bar Harbor, Maine, and decided to do my guest post on a beer that is locally brewed here on Mount Desert Island.  Atlantic Brewing Company brews a wide of variety of beers, including a blueberry ale, a ginger wheat, a brown ale and several others.  I picked up their variety pack, and will be writing about the Coal Porter!

Atlantic Brewing Coal Porter

Atlantic Brewing Company recently changed up their branding, and have given all of their beer labels a fresh, new look.  In the picture, you can see Coal Porter’s new label, and I love it.  If you go to Atlantic Brewing Company’s website, you can still see the old branding, and see how much it has improved.

Coal Porter pours a dark, hazy brown color, with a light brown, finger width and a half head.  In the aroma I pick up some roasted malt, cigar smoke and chocolate.  It has a great roasted flavor, maintaining some smokiness, cocoa, plum and raisin.  Not much lacing is left on the glass as I continue drinking.  This porter had an average mouthfeel, not too heavy, not too light.  It has a great taste, and is extremely easy to drink.  It would work well with a dessert as an after dinner snack, but would also pair really well with a burger, bbq chicken, pork, etc.  Go out and try it!


Atlantic Brewing Coal Porter

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