Boston Beer Samuel Adams Whitewater IPA

Boston Beer Samuel Adams Whitewater IPA

The ratings are in on the Patriots victory dance video I posted last night. I apparently disappointed, primarily due to the lack of crotch-grabbing. Your feedback has been registered and I will improve next time.

Tonight’s beer is the Sam Adams Whitewater IPA. The brew is very light colored and has a ton of sentiment; right out of the gate, this beer appears to be different from your average American IPA.

Before reading the label, I dove right into drinking this puppy. At first I thought it was a typical IPA – citrus and pine hop action. Right at the tail-end I picked up a sweetness I couldn’t put my finger on. Turns out, the beer is brewed with apricot. The flavor wasn’t strong enough to be immediately recognizable.

I love what Boston Beer has done here. They seemingly took an average IPA, and added a subtle twist to it. The result is a terrific smooth & sweet after-taste without giving up much ground in the hops department. Beautiful mix of sweet & bitter!


Boston Beer Samuel Adams Whitewater IPA

Author: Joshua Dion

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