McNeill’s Green Mountain Summer

McNeill's Green Mountain Summer Ale

Tonight I’m going to reveal my deepest, darkest beer blogger secret. But first…McNeill’s Green Mountain Summer. This beer is brewed out of Brattleboro, Vermont. My most loyal reader gave me the bottle as a gift. THANKS MOM!

The style of beer is a Kolsch. If you haven’t tried the style, it makes for an awesome, light summertime beverage. After pouring the beer, I’m immediately baffled and confused. Kolsch is normally a straw-colored golden color. This beer is a light caramel color…WTF?

In the taste arena, I’m thrown off again. It’s buttery…REALLY buttery. There is a significant grainy maltiness to the beer too. It finishes with a distinctly fruity after-taste. It goes down smooth, and is enjoyable. It’s the most unique Kolsch I’ve ever had.

And now, without further ado, on to the dirty blogger secret…

McNeill's Green Mountain Summer Ale

From time to time I “cheat” and look up other reviews for a beer. Sometimes I do it because I’m completely out of inspiration and need some help. More often, it’s because my pallet can’t figure out what’s going on with the beer and reading other reviews helps.

This McNeill’s was an example – the buttery taste is so rare and unfamiliar, I couldn’t place it. As soon as I read another review using that adjective, I knew immediately I was picking up the same thing.

That all said, the words on LIBA are 100% unique. I’ve never copy-pasted anything from another review and I never will.


McNeill's Green Mountain Summer Ale

Author: Joshua Dion

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