Night Shift Trifecta

Back in April I broke my left ring finger. After it happened, my wife astutely suggested I remove my ring finger. Best advice ever, as it surely would have had to be cut off as the finger swelled up.

The break was in the finger joint and despite proper medical attention, it healed with a noticeable bump which prevented my wedding ring from going back on.

Night Shift Trifecta

Every few weeks since April I would try the ring on, with the same results. That is until tonight when I was shocked to get the ring easily slip onto my finger! I was LITERALLY planning on getting the ring re-sized later this week.

The sad part? This is the most exciting part of my week thus far.

Night Shift Trifecta

Tonight’s beer of choice is a bottle of Night Shift Trifeca. Night Shift is a Massachusetts brewery out of Everett. This is the first beer I’ve had from them.

Night Shift Trifecta

The brew is a Belgian Strong Pale Ale, a style I expect to provide both hops and Belgian spice.

Right out of the gate, I got very nervous. Despite a vigorous pour, there was limited head. Quickly moving into the flavor department, I’m surprised at how earthy the beer is. I expect the earthiness comes from the hops, however the brew isn’t overly bitter. The Belgian portion of the beer comes through as you reach the aftertaste; I’m getting mild spice and fruit flavors.

The hops and malt are well balanced. ABV is 7.1%.

Night Shift Trifecta

Overall, the Trifecta is just OK for me. The earthy flavors don’t do much for me.


P.S. The Patriots won by more than 14 points on Sunday. As promised, here is my victory dance.

Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.