Russian River Damnation Batch 23

Russian River Damnation

File this under: Getting caught up.

A couple of weekends ago my wife and I hung out with our friends Sean & Kerry. We had not seen each other in a while, so it was good to get back in touch. Upon our arrival, Sean broke out an aged bottle of Russian River Damnation. I have such awesome friends!

This was batch 23 of damnation, a special oak aged tripel. For Sean and I, it poured with a champagne-like head, while for Kerry it poured a beautiful full head (strange). At first the beer comes across as dry and light. It has a fruity aroma and Belgian characteristics on the tongue. There is also a distinct tartness, which isn’t overwhelming; I would never call this a sour. The beer is 10.75% ABV. Until the beer warms up significantly, the boozy sweetness remains well hidden.

Overall a darn good beer. Thanks for sharing Sean/Kerry!


P.S. Check out the weird-ass fortune I got that evening. Can someone tell me WTF that means?

Weird Fortune
Ummmm yeah. Weirdest or best fortune ever?

Author: Joshua Dion

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