Backlash Conquest IPA

Conquest IPA

On election day we hosted an election party. I was supposed to supply the beer for the party and kinda-sorta forgot. I covered my own butt by serving to everyone my entire remaining collection of review beer! In total, there were 6 people reviewing the beers. This week I’ll be posting our collective thoughts on the 5 beers we drank.

So you know, the reviewers were all my friends, each of whom are regularly mentioned here on LIBA:

  • Sean & his wife Kerry.
  • Adam. His wife Elina would have joined in, but she is expecting (congrats Elina!)
  • Greg& his wife Heather.
  • Me!

Conquest IPA

The first beer we reviewed was Conquest White IPA, a 5.5% ABV treat from Backlash Brewing.

Sean: Smells wheaty. A good summer IPA. Liked it.
Kerry: Too bitter. Grapefruit without the sugar added. Not a fan.
Adam: Pretty good. Didn’t come off as an IPA; sweeter than other IPAs.
Greg: Surprised by a dry earthiness.
Heather: Picked up lemon flavors.
Me: Not a fan of white IPAs (they don’t wow me), but this one might change my mind. DAMN tasty and I agreed with Sean – totally drinkable. REALLY good beer.


Conquest IPA

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