Enlightenment Enlightenment Brut

Enlightenment Enlightenment Brut

Election day beer reviews part 3: Enlightenment Brut (batch #1), an 11% ABV Biere de Champagne from Enlightenment Ales.

Sean: Didn’t like it. “Work on batch #2” he said.
Kerry: Thought it was just OK. Said it would go well with cheese.
Elina: Too bitter for her.
Heather: Wasn’t digging it.
Greg: Effervescence & Belgian funk. Some flavors reminiscent of a brown nut ale.
Me: It has some Belgian aspects and was light and bubbly, but at $20, this was not worth the price because it was just “meh”.


Enlightenment Enlightenment Brut

Author: Joshua Dion

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