Franklin County CiderDays

On Saturday Josh and I went to the Franklin County CiderDays in Old Deerfield, MA. It was a beautiful fall day and Old Deerfield is just adorable!

The fest was located at the Deerfield Community Center, a cute little building that looks like a church. When we got we were greeted with a huge line.

I was nervous because it didn’t look like everyone would fit in this little building! I was also a little annoyed because the event was from 3:30-5pm, but we didn’t get inside until almost 4pm. I was determined to stay positive though, because there were over 60 different ciders, only a few of which I have tried before. The fest cost $25 per person.

It was super packed inside.

Here are some of the ciders I tried along with my thoughts (please note: whenever I’m trying this many different ciders in such a short period of time my opinions should be taken with a grain of salt):

We left the fest happy and completely cidered out. Overall I was happy with the fest, but I do wish that it was held in a larger location.

Have you tried any of these ciders? What did you think of them?