Gompers Brewery White House Honey Porter

There are few people I’d rather have a beer with than President Obama. Maybe Josh, but he’s all the way up in Massachusetts, and that’s too far to drive. Unfortunately since I’m not a high-powered lobbyist or elected official, the closest I can get to drinking with the president is drinking his beer.

Good thing for me then, my friends Jason and Dave decided to homebrew up a batch of the White House Honey Porter, and share a few bottles with me at my birthday party last weekend. I’ve previously reviewed their Black Tie IPA, and absolutely loved it, so when a sixer of their honey porter showed up at my door, this week’s review was a no-brainer.

As you may expect, the WHHP poured out a classically dark and opaque color with just a touch of a foam crown. There isn’t an overwhelming aroma, but I definitely got some nice hints of honey-malted sweetness when I got close to the glass.

This brew really distinguished itself on the taste. The first sip was full of crisp honey sweetness, and it transitioned into a roasted malt middle that reminded me a little of brown sugar. The end note’s full of sweetness, a blend of roasted malts and honey, but it’s so light that the mouthfeel isn’t overbearing and I immediately wanted another swig.

I may or may not have blacked out at my birthday party, but whatever – it was at my house and I fault the fact that I was drinking these Honey Porters like they were going out of style combined with their estimated (because Jason and Dave broke their hydrometer) 6.5% ABV.

But whatever, this is a damm fine beer, and another awesome small-batch homebrew from my friends at Gompers Brewery. If you’ve got the chops to brew a batch on your own, I highly recommend the recipe.

Author: Silvio

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