Harpoon White IPA

Harpoon White IPA

SO much has been going on in the last week. I haven’t had much of a chance to keep everyone informed. Here’s a quick rundown…

Harpoon White IPA

Work is crazy as I settle into my new position. I lead a team of 11 people now.

School is bonkers too. Last week I wrote a term paper and took a midterm (ACED IT!). Next week I need to write another term paper.

I’m in the middle of writing my first of many columns for Yankee Brew News. I’m nervous.

This past weekend I won Patriots tickets in a silent auction.

This past weekend I ran a Halloween 5k race. Best time ever. Pace: 6:33, Time: 20:21, Overall: 18/574, Division: 5th Place.

We braved a hurricane. It wasn’t that bad here in MA.

On Monday we drove through the hurricane up to New Hampshire and attended a yearly get-together with old college friends. I got shitty and managed about 3 hours of sleep before driving home and then going straight to work.

And those are the highlights in ridiculously short fashion!

Harpoon White IPA

Tonight I’m watching some Thursday night football and enjoying a bottle of this Harpoon White IPA. This brew is from their limited 100 barrel series. It’s a 6.2% ABV Belgian IPA. Although the official category of beer is “Belgian IPA”, I get absolutely no Belgian flavor. What I do get is a healthy dose of fruity hops, mixed with a wheaty/grainy maltiness, which finishes with a floral hop flavor. At first the hops are a bit too much. Once the beer warmed and my pallet got used to it, it felt less offensive and I really started enjoying it.


Harpoon White IPA

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