Maine Beer King Titus

Maine Beer King Titus

I hope everyone’s weekend was just ducky. Here in the Lost household we stayed relatively low-key. Saturday we drove out to Old Deerfield for a hard cider festival. This was Melissa’s first festival and we had a great time. She’ll be writing up a recap post soon.

Today we mostly chilled out. I got some schoolwork done and we ran some errands before we watched football all afternoon.

Maine Beer King Titus

After being on the couch for 5 hours I was feeling REALLY lazy and didn’t plan on doing a beer review. When I had to get up to go pee, I forced myself to the fridge for a beer to review. Man, life is stressful. :)

Sticking with the lazy theme, this Maine Beer King Titus was the beer at the front of the fridge and I looked no further.

The King Titus poured with a GIANT head. Needless to say, as it dissipated it left great lacing on the glass.

I love the stuff that the gents over at Maine Beer put out and this beer is no different. It’s an easy drinking porter with a light body. Despite this, it doesn’t give up much in the taste department. I’m getting lightly roasted malts and a lingering toffee/vanilla sweetness. YUMMY!


Maine Beer King Titus

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