Rising Tide Atlantis

Rising Tide Atlantis

Well I had a great long holiday weekend. We didn’t do a whole lot other than see family, friends, and spend time relaxing. I hope all of you had an equally relaxing break.

Before getting back to the regular work week, I’m squeezing in a review of this Rising Tide Atlantis. Rising Tide makes some great beer, and the Atlantis follows that trend. It’s a black ale that pours with a fantastic head…don’t pour too quickly! It tastes great – traditional black ale roasted malts with some solid hops too. I like my black ales well balanced so that neither hop nor malt dominates; Atlantis fits the bill. Finally, the beer has an every-so-slight smokey aftertaste, adding a delicious uniqueness.


Rising Tide Atlantis

Author: Joshua Dion

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