Devoto Gardens Apple Sauced

I flew out to the West Coast Thursday night, and boy are my arms tired! I kid, I kid, but seriously I’m out West for the next week and a half for a combination of business meetings and hanging out with a few friends.

I’m in San Francisco this week, and while visiting the farmer’s market at the Ferry Building with my wife and in-laws this morning, found an amazing stand selling local apples and best of all – local hard cider!

Apple Sauced is made from 100 percent Gravenstein apples grown at Devoto Farms in Sepastopol, California. Gravenstein is an heirloom variety that was once famous but is now in danger of being lost as the orchards are being replaced by wine grapes.

Anyway, to the review. Sauced pours out clear and light, with no carbonation. It smells really similar to a white wine, not really sweet at all.

Tastewise, I have to admit I was a little disappointed. It’s pretty sour, and I really didn’t taste any apple flavor. The same white wine aroma dominates the flavor from start to finish, and while it gets some complexity through the middle with hints of earthiness and tart crispness through the middle, I don’t think I’d recommend it to anyone.

But maybe all that is the point – the orchard only produced 680 cases of the stuff, and the orchard says the apples pressed into cider were harvested at the peak of ripeness and made “just as a winery would make wine.”

Regardless, I have to respect both the artisanal nature of the product, and devotion to saving an heirloom apple variety (as well as the respectable 6% ABV). For that, I say good work, Devoto!

Author: Silvio

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