Goose Island Mild Winter

Before I knew anything about beer, and definitely before I began reviewing them, I would often buy new beers based on how cool the label looked. While I’ve moved on from labels as my deciding factor, there’s something about Goose Island’s labels that always gets me. I mean come on, it’s a cool looking goose – always reminds me of the Aflac duck.

Anyway, enough about labels. This week’s review beer, Goose Island’s Mild Winter, is an English-style dark ale. Mild Winter is their winter seasonal, as you could infer. I really enjoy their IPAs, so was excited to check out something in a completely different direction.

The beer pours out a crystal clear, dark brown (chestnut, maybe?) color, with just a touch of foam up top. The aroma was full of sweet roasted malts, with indistinguishable hints of stone fruit.

Tastewise, this is a very good brew. It starts out with smooth caramel and malt notes before blending into a mix of rye and raisins. Sounds weird, I know, but this is a case of two great tastes that taste great together. Toward the end, I picked up some bready flavor before the brew finishes on a long and sweet malted endnote.

There’s definitely a good deal of mouthfeel with this brew, but the taste is delicious so I didn’t mind. I couldn’t pick up any hop notes at all, so this is definitely well toward the sweet end of the scale. It’s also got a relatively low 5.6% ABV.

Overall, this is a really good beer, definitely outside the range of what I typically drink, but worth picking up a sixer while it’s on shelves.

Author: Silvio

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