Iron Hill Russian Imperial IPA

Iron Hill Russian Imperial Stout

Good evening all! I’m just getting home from the last of the Christmas gatherings. Fweewww, what a long weekend of travel. Tonight I’m reviewing a bottle of Iron Hill Russian Imperial Stout. I got my hands on this Delaware-based beer via my brother who took a trip down there recently. Thanks Seth!

This RIPA is super smooth and well balanced. It’s 9.5% ABV is dangerously well hidden. Flavors are complex with coffee and roasted malt being most dominant. Sweet caramel and vanilla are in the mix. I REALLY enjoyed it.

Iron Hill Russian Imperial Stout

In addition to the beer I mentioned scoring last night, today I scored a TON of beer at a yankee swap. That’s two years running that I took home this prize. CHA-CHING! Check out what my fridge looks like now!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a beery night!



Author: Joshua Dion

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