Jack’s Abby Lashes

Jack's Abby Lashes

Last night the wife and I watched Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. I gotta say, I had reservations going into it, but DAMN that movie kicked ass. It’s so rare for a movie to have a new concept like that. And although the movie could have ended up being cheesy, it really wasn’t. I do wonder though…for any history buffs out there: how much of the story reflected young Abraham’s actual life (e.g. did he work in a store as a young man?).

Jack's Abby Lashes

As I watched the movie, I was chugging down a bottle of Jack’s Abby Lashes – a brew listed as a “Hopbock Lager”, but technically an American red/amber lager.

Jack's Abby Lashes

I knew it before and this beer confirms it again: Jack and Eric down at Jack’s Abby really have brewing figured out. Lashes is a GREAT beer. It’s not complicated by any means; it starts SUPER malty and sweet. It then fades into an earthy/piny finish. The beer is quite hoppy, although I don’t find it overpowering.

I do, however, find the sneaky-ass 7.2% ABV super-sneaky. I should not have had this beer on an empty stomach!


Jack's Abby Lashes

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