Offshore Abel’s Hill IDA

Offshore Abel's Hill IDA

Tonight I’m home for just a few minutes before whisking myself off to class. Next week marks my last week of classes…FOREVER!

Offshore Abel's Hill IDA

Before I take off tonight I’m sneaking in a review of Offshore Ale Company’s Abel’s Hill IDA. IDA stands for India Dark Ale, which is a fancy way of saying this is a black IPA.

It’s a 6.3% ABV brew and it goes down quick. Unfortunately, overall I’m really not that impressed. The beer teeters a little too far over on to the roasted malt side. Those flavors dominate 80% of the taste, with the other 20% being a quick finish of hops. The hops are weak and I can’t really make out flavor (pine? floral?).

Long story short, just an OK black IPA for me.


Offshore Abel's Hill IDA

Author: Joshua Dion

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