Flying Fish Grand Cru

Flying Fish Grand Cru

Whatsup homies? The week is dwindling down and Friday is right around the corner. Are you ready for an awesome weekend? I’ve got a busy weekend planned, as I’ll be covering the Farmer Brewer Winter Weekend. I also have a nephew’s birthday party. Of course there is the big Patriots game on Sunday night, not to mention the beginning of the Bruin season on Saturday!!!

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though. Tonight I’m posting review #8 of 13 from the beer reviewing party. Enjoy!

Brewery: Flying Fish
Beer: Grand Cru
ABV: 6.9%
Style: Belgian Strong Pale Ale
Body: Light to medium
Carbonation: Medium to fizzy

Sean’s Thoughts
Color: Golden
Smell: N/A
Taste: Butter, plantain, flowers, grass
Comments: N/A
Overall rating: Meh

Kerry’s Thoughts
Color: Golden
Smell: Smoke
Taste: Nuts, spice, bread, coriander, cardamom
Comments: “Straight forward, well balanced Belgian. Very drinkable.”
Overall rating: Loved it

Lost’s Thoughts
Color: Super light golden
Smell: Grass, lemon
Taste: Grass, lemon, spice
Comments: “Pretty sweet, but still a good Belgian.”
Overall rating: Liked it

Jen’s Thoughts
Color: Golden
Smell: N/A
Taste: Spice, bread
Overall rating: Hated it

Heather’s Thoughts
Color: Golden (clear, not cloudy)
Smell: Lemon, banana
Taste: Orange, lemon, flowers, tart, spice, smoke
Comments: N/A
Overall rating: Loved it

Greg’s thoughts
Color: Golden
Smell: Caramel, grass, banana
Taste: Sweetness, banana, raisin
Comments: “Not my style of choice.”
Overall rating: Disliked it


Flying Fish Grand Cru

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