Mystic Vinland One

Mystic Vineyard One

Tonight the wife and I are headed out for a date night. It’s going to be a wild goose hunt for some vegan pizza in our area. I’m sure we’ll strike out and end up headed into Boston. While we’re out, I though you might enjoy review #4 of 13 from the beer reviewing party.

Brewery: Mystic
Beer: Vinland One
ABV: 6.5%
Style: Saison
Body: Medium
Carbonation: Fizzy

Greg’s thoughts
Color: Dark orange
Smell: Earth, cherry, tart, bread
Taste: Toffee, raisin, spice, bread
Comments: “Hazy. Smells tarter than it tastes.”
Overall rating: Meh

Heather’s Thoughts
Color: Golden, amber, cloudy
Smell: Butter, nuts, herbs, flowers, earth, sherry
Taste: Lemon, cherry, tart, sour
Comments: “Liked it, but couldn’t drink a lot of it.”
Overall rating: Liked it

Jen’s Thoughts
Color: Golden
Smell: N/A
Taste: Citrus, tart, honey
Comments: N/A
Overall rating: Meh

Lost’s Thoughts
Color: Cloudy orange juice
Smell: Bread, tart
Taste: Tart, spice, fruit
Comments: “Good to share given how strong the flavors. Crazy dry finish.”
Overall rating: Meh

Kerry’s Thoughts
Color: Golden, hazy
Smell: N/A
Taste: Citrus, tart, honey, bread, yeast, cheese
Comments: “Smells tarter than it tastes. Tastes citrusy, but sweet more than sour. Cheesy aftertaste.”
Overall rating: Liked it

Sean’s Thoughts
Color: Golden
Smell: N/A
Taste: Floral, tart
Comments: “Smells like Belgium…sour Belgium.”
Overall rating: Meh


Mystic Vineyard One

Author: Joshua Dion

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