Northshire Battenkill Ale

Northshire Battenkill Ale

Man, what a brutally long day at work. That said, I got a ton of stuff done and it felt very productive. I’m headed off to a church thing this evening, so tonight I’m posting review #2 of 13 from the beer reviewing party. Enjoy!

Brewery: Northshire
Beer: Battenkill Ale
ABV: 5.5%
Style: American Amber Ale
Body: Medium
Carbonation: Medium

Greg’s thoughts
Color: Reddish
Smell: Citrus, bread
Taste: Earth, toffee
Comments: “Mostly malt with subtle hops near the end. Short finsh.”
Overall rating: Meh

Heather’s Thoughts
Color: Dark Brown, reddish
Smell: Earth, nutty
Taste: Caramel, nuts
Comments: “Very little aroma.”
Overall rating: Meh

Jen’s Thoughts
Color: Amber
Smell: N/A
Taste: Earth
Comments: “It kinda tastes like dirt in the aftertaste.”
Overall rating: Meh

Kerry’s Thoughts
Color: Amber, brown
Smell: N/A
Taste: Caramel, earth
Comments: “Easy to drink, but kind of boring.”
Overall rating: Meh

Lost’s Thoughts
Color: Mahogany
Smell: None
Taste: Earth
Comments: “A resounding ‘meh’!”
Overall rating: Meh

Sean’s Thoughts
Color: Amber, dark brown
Smell: N/A
Taste: Mineral, caramel, earth
Comments: “Felt very drinkable and light for ale.”
Overall rating: Liked it


Northshire Battenkill Ale

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