DuClaw Black Lightning

DuClaw Black Lightning bottle

Heyo there LIBA nation, please excuse my prolonged absence, but I’ve been slaving away at work. I know there’s no excuse for not drinking tasty beer, but it’s all I’ve got.

I’ve thankfully started to get a little free time on the weekends, so I’m back and ready to review. We’ve got a few friends coming over tonight with a bunch of brews and their french bulldogs, so combined with a few growlers from Port City brewery and our pug Frank, it promises to be a fun evening.

Before they get here, however, I’ve decided to do a little pre-gaming with DuClaw Brewing Company’s Black Lightning. It’s from a Maryland-based brewery, and the bottle has been sitting in my fridge for a few weeks, tempting me every time I’ve gone in for a snack. So, time to see how this brew tastes!

DuClaw is described as a medium-bodied American black ale that “strikes a stormy balance between thunderous roasted malt flavor and the aroma, bitterness, and electrifying finish of American hops.” I was fully prepared to have my socks knocked off.

DuClaw Black Lightning glass pour

The pour sure was stormy, with a foam crown that nearly overflowed several times and required about five minutes to fully pour. Pretty crazy, considering the beer hadn’t been moved in weeks, but the end result looked like a root beer float and smelled strongly of roasted malts.

Tastewise, this brew is kind of a Dr. Jekyll-Mr. Hyde. Up front, there’s an awesome mix of ┬áchocolate roasted malts that is quickly overtaken by the bitter hoppiness of a good IPA. But then the ride take a serious turn South, ending with lots of mineral flavor that sticks around for a bit too long. The overall mineral effect got better as the beer warmed, but it kind of ruined the overall taste for me.

I hate to give negative reviews, but I’ve got to say Black Lightning was more thundercrap than thunderclap. I’ll definitely check out their other brews if I get a chance, but I’d say it’s best to let these storm clouds roll on by.

DuClaw Black Lightning bottle and glass

Author: Silvio

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