Lawson’s Finest Red Spruce Bitter

Lawsons Finest Red Spruce Bitter

BOOM! Hump day suckas! Better still, it appears that Massachusetts is going to get SLAMMED with snow on Friday, meaning I’ll probably work from home. I’ll have to work on performance appraisals all day, but whatever…I’ll be on the couch.

Tonight I’m posting another review (Lawson’s Finest Red Spruce Bitter) from the super bowl review fest. The Red Spruce Bitter pours a dark brown/reddish color and is light in body and is a medium in the carbonation department.

Between me and my review partners, Sean and his wife Kerry, we picked up caramel, pine, some spice, fig, and toasted barley flavors.

Sean wasn’t too hot on this one, saying it wasn’t his style. Kerry liked the beer, saying it tasted like barley tea.

I really like what this beer brought to the table. Holiday beers tend to be dark and heavy, but not this one. At only 4.5% ABVvit was the super drinkable cousin to that winter warmer beer that sits so heavy in your gut. I appreciated being able to enjoy a spicy holiday brew that was light and refreshing too.


P.S. Thanks to Mom who picked up this beer for me!

Lawsons Finest Red Spruce Bitter

Author: Joshua Dion

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