Magic Hat Saint Saltan

Magic Hat Saint Saltan

Good evening all.

I’m going to be straight-up honest and tell you that tonight is one of those nights when doing a beer review feels like more work than fun. I had an extremely long day at work (10 hours straight in meetings) and I’m mentally drained. It’s 6:30pm and I’m ready for bed. At 7:00 I take off for a church class that goes until 9:00. If it wasn’t for this Gansett Bock I just plowed through, I don’t think I’d be writing right now.

Lucky for me, I have a review in my back pocket. This past weekend I spent we evening with our friends Sean and Kerry and did a little beer reviewing in the process. One of the beers I brought along was the Magic Hat Saint Saltan.

The Saint Saltan is a style of beer that I [and probably you as well] have little experience with: a Gose. The beer is 4.6% ABV, but tastes more like 2.6. There is remarkably little flavor to it, with only a tinge of spice (coriander) to speak of. According to Magic Hat, it should also carry a tart characteristic, but I got none of that. Interestingly, the beer is brewed with salt…a flavor which I couldn’t detect.

Kerry and I both liked it. She called it “coriander tea”. I called it a good summertime beer.


Magic Hat Saint Saltan

Author: Joshua Dion

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