McNeill’s Pullman’s Porter

McNeill's Pullman's Porter

Lordy, Lordy, it’s Friday again. Love me some 3-day weekends, but honestly…WTF is Presidents day and why do I get it off from work? Should be be remembering good old George Washington that day? Maybe I should get out the old musket and shoot at anyone wearing a red coat? I shouldn’t complain; a day off is a say off, right?

To celebrate the long weekend, I’m reviewing some McNeill’s Pullman’s Porter.

First off, this beer pours with an awesome root beer float head, the kind you can eat with a spoon. Light in body, I really dig how drinkable and tasty this one is. It reminds me of a light roasted iced coffee, with some hints of vanilla.

I wasn’t in the mood for a dark beer, but this was all I had in the fridge. Thus, the fact that I really liked it says a lot!

McNeill's Pullman's Porter

Author: Joshua Dion

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