Notch Valley Malt BSA


Take a close look at the above picture. That’s the projected snow totals for the blizzard that’s going to hit Massachusetts tomorrow. I live in that >24 inches section that’s all white. This one’s gonna be a record setter…a storm people talk about for decades.

While I thoroughly hate winter and snow, if it’s gonna snow, it might as well SNOW! Bring it on mother nature – just don’t screw with my plans to go to Extreme Beer Fest in Boston Saturday night.

Notch Valley Malt BSA

Tonight I’ve got the 3rd review held over from the Superbowl get together. The brew is Notch Valley Malt BSA, a saison.

Sean, Kerry and I agreed it was light and fizzy. We also agreed in that we all really liked the beer! Flavors that the three of us picked up on were as follows.

Sean: Wheat, grass, earth, honey
Lost: Oranges, earth
Kerry: Floral, bready

At 4.4% ABV, it went down quick!


Notch Valley Malt BSA

Author: Joshua Dion

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