Opa Opa A10 Warthog

Opa Opa A10 Warthog

This past weekend I tried the STRANGEST beer. A10 Warthog from Opa Opa brewing wasn’t a bad beer, but it’s flavors were incredibly odd for being considered an Imperial IPA.

I would normally expect this style of beer to be quite hoppy, with a heavy dose of malts to balance things out and obscure any booziness (10% ABV for this particular beer). The Warthog had no significant hop flavors, but instead brought a whollop of spicy, dark fruit flavors. I would have 100% labeled this a barleywine in a blind taste test.

If I look at other reviews on the web, I see other people saying that this beer should bring a giant piney-hop punch…something I absolutely did not taste. I literally think the brewery may have mis-labeled the bottle!!! Is that even possible?


Author: Joshua Dion

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