Uinta Hyve

Uinta Hyve

Tonight I banged out a 3 mile run in 21 minutes. After taking a lot of the winter off from running, I’m getting back into the groove and feeling good. I’m looking forward to warmer weather and the clocks “springing forward” so I can get back to running outside after work. My first 5k of the year is on March 10th and I’m hoping to break my all time best.

Over the weekend I got to try Uinta’s Hyve. It’s a blonde ale brewed with honey. This brew is all malt, through and through. The honey flavor dominates. I was shocked to see that it was 4% ABV, as it’s medium body and sweetness makes you think it would be more. It’s a good beer…possibly a good “cross-over” beer for someone new to craft beer.

On a final note, mad props to Uinta for making this brew all organic!


Uinta Hyve

Author: Joshua Dion

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