Wachusett Larry

Wachusett Larry

This past Sunday we watched the Superbowl with friends Sean and Kerry. We also reviewed some beer! The next four days I’ll post the results of our tasting (in no particular order). Tonight I’ll start with an Imperial IPA we tried: Wachusett Larry.

The Larry poured an orangish, amber, cloudy color. We all agreed it had a medium body and medium-to-fizzy carbonation. There were differing views on the flavors. Sean thought it was herbal and floral with a caramel backbone. Kerry called out earthy and piney flavors with some bread in there too. I picked up mostly citrus with some floral. Holy differing palettes Batman!

The final thoughts were as follows:

Lost: “One of my favorite brews from Wachusett.”
Sean: “Not the best IPA ever, but solid.”
Kerry: “Extremely hoppy. It’s not a bad beer, just not my bag.” (Kerry likes malty beers)


Wachusett Larry

Author: Joshua Dion

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