21st Amendment Sneak Attack

21st Amendment Sneak Attack can

My mom is visiting DC this weekend from Florida, so while she’s in town we decided to show her our best hospitality. For us that includes good dinner, a roaring fire, and a few good beers!

Since she’s a hip lady, I decided to pick up a few brews to share, and was super excited to come across a new version of 21st Amendment beer – their Sneak Attack. It’s a spicy saison-style beer inspired by George Washington’s sneak attack across the Delaware River on Hessian mercenaries during the Revolutionary War.

Just like those drunk Germans hundreds of year ago, beer drinkers aren’t accustomed to a light summery beer during the cold winter months.

21st Amendment Sneak Attack box art
Awesome 21st Amendment artwork, as always

Sneak Attack is brewed with tons of spices, most notably cardamom. It pours out crystal clear and golden yellow, with an effervescent foam crown and a spicy aroma that smells perfect for a hot summer day. Ironically, this is their late winter seasonal made available from January through March.

The taste is crisp and light, and really resembles the aroma. It starts out with a combination of peppery cloves and a hint of banana, before fading into a grassy middle body. Sneak Attack ends strong, thought, with a vengeance of strong cardamom and grassy notes.

21st Amendment Sneak Attack glass and can

While there are lots of competing flavors here, it all blends nicely and smoothly and results in a great beer. As with all 21st Amendment brews, this tastes great and is an excellent option – even more so with the easy to handle 6.2% ABV. So, take advantage of the next month and pick up a six-pack. You’ll be happy you did!

Author: Silvio

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