Aviator Devil’s Tramping Ground

Aviator Devils Tramping Ground

On my recent trip to North Carolina I desperately wanted to bring back some bottled beer with me. The trouble was that my one checked bag weighed 47 pounds on the trip down, leaving (at best) very little capacity for adding liquid weight for the return trip. I’ll be damned before I pay extra money for an overweight bag. Despite departing North Carolina with more weight in clothing than what we arrived with (courtesy surprise wifely shopping spree), I still managed to get a few bottles home.

This Aviator Devil’s Tramping Ground was one of them. A special thank you goes out to my co-worker Coleman for buying me the bottle!

This is a tripel style Belgian beer. Devil’s Tramping Ground is a good name for a 9.2% ABV monster like this one. Thus, I shared this one with my friends Greg and Heather.

I found the beer to be mostly sweet, with strong orange flavors mixed with the expected Belgiany spices. Greg added that he tasted some dark fruit at the tail end and Heather added that it was buttery. The brew didn’t know any of our socks off, but wasn’t bad either. A solid average for all of us.


Aviator Devils Tramping Ground

Author: Joshua Dion

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