Berkshire Holidale 2012

Berkshire Holidale 2012

Every once in a while a beer comes along that completely and utterly baffles my pallet. Berkshire’s 2012 Holidale is an example. I’ve had this sitting in my fridge for months and I’m finally getting around to drinking it. It’s a barleywine, so going in I expected big malty, boozy flavors with maybe some dark fruit in play.

What I get, well, I can’t even explain well. I can say without a doubt that the beer is more sweet than bitter. There’s a huge malt backbone, which tapers off to a slightly hoppy aftertaste. Through every sip of the bomber I’m trying to pull individual tastes out of the mix, but it’s frankly just a swirl of all kinds of shit going on in my mouth.

Despite my lack of ability to describe the brew, I’m a fan of it!


Berkshire Holidale 2012

Author: Joshua Dion

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