DC Brau The Corruption

DC Brau canGuy’s weekend! Wifey went to visit family in Atlanta this weekend, so I’m up to a wild and crazy two-day stretch. I lived it up today by going for a run, cleaning out the shed, putting winter clothes away, and doing a bunch of yard work. Tonight I’m planning on catching up on DVR’d episodes of Walking Dead and drinking a bunch of beer. Boring, maybe, but really relaxing after a hellacious stretch of work.

Good thing I went to the store yesterday afternoon to stock up on quality beers, because I’ve been sipping them all day. I started off by working on a sixer of 21st Amendment Brew Free or Die, but decided to switch over to my only un-reviewed offering from DC Brau, The Corruption. Since I’ve already reviewed The Citizen and The Public, completing the trifecta is in order.

DC Brau glass and can

The Corruption is DC Brau’s homage to a Pacific Northwest IPA, which means stanky hops are on tap. It pours out a dark copper color, pretty cloudy with a big foam head. All that foam was rife with a stanky hoppy aroma which I could smell from about a foot away.

Be clear, this brew does not have a faint taste. It’s dominated by bitter, dry hoppiness up front, with pine and resin notes through the middle, and a looooong bitter end note. There’s a ton of mouth feel here too, and the taste coats the inside of your mouth. The ABV is a relatively low 6.5% – I was expecting higher, considering the flavor and consistency.

I like The Corruption a lot, but I’m also really into stanky hops. If you’re a hop head, this brew is for you, but if you’re looking for a crisp light beer, you should look elsewhere.

DC Brau label


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