Enlightenment Illumination

Enlightenment Illumination

Today is Thursday for most of you. For me, it’s Friday. No work tomorrow. Helllllll Yes. I’m looking forward to a long weekend.

Enlightenment Illumination

I’m kicking things off with a GIANT bomber of Enlightenment Ales Illumination. Right out of the gate, I can tell this will be a unique beer; it’s style (Farmhouse IPA) is the first time the style has appeared on LIBA. After over 900 reviews, that doesn’t happen EVER.

This beer is DANGEROUS. At 6.8% ABV, it goes down like 4% and change. Here’s how the rest of the story goes:

  • It looks like a lemon (hazy golden yellow, huge head)
  • It smells like a lemon
  • It tastes like a spicy lemon

Ergo, it must be a lemon. No?

Remarkably, the Illumination is really neither Farmhouse, nor IPA…it somehow plants itself firmly in between the two. It’s spicy and sweet like a farmhouse, but not peppery at all. It finishes with a light floral hoppiness, but relatively speaking there isn’t much hop action here.

There isn’t much more to say here other than: I love this beer!


Enlightenment Illumination

Author: Joshua Dion

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