Great Divide Wild Raspberry Ale

Greg & Heather's Beer

Last weekend I had friends Greg & Heather over to my place to partake in some beer reviewing (see above stash). Expect to see those reviews this coming week. We’ll kick things off with a guest review from Heather (her first on LIBA!). Take it away Heather…

A raspberry beer? You’re kidding right? It’s nowhere near summer time; heck, here in New England it snowed just last week.
Yes, you are correct. This winter is dragging on like that zombie from The Walking Dead, but that is no reason to count out fruit-flavored beers, especially one as delicious as Great Divide’s Wild Raspberry Ale.

This isn’t your college-kid’s raspberry beer, oh no. It pours a deep red color with an amber head and light bubbles sticking to the sides of the glass. The foam dissipates quickly leaving a thin layer of pink-tinged bubbles at the surface. It smells like a classic ale with earthy undertones and a slight hint of berries. At first taste, you get a slight effervescence on the front of the tongue. The main flavor is a light, malty ale with a mild and earthy raspberry flavor. While I typically find raspberry beers such as Harpoon’s UFO Raspberry to be overly sweet, Great Divide’s take on this fruit beer is unique, pulling out the tartness in the berry. The mild raspberry flavor lingers, like the flavor in your mouth half an hour after chewing on a Lifesaver. The malt flavor hits the back of the tongue, leaving this beer very well balanced and at 5.6% ABV, it’s not too much for a Tuesday night. The longer the beer sits, the more the raspberry nose grows, while the flavor becomes slightly floral and more focused on the malt.

Maybe it’s just because the first time I had this beer was at the Great Divide Brewery after trudging through the snowy side streets of Denver, CO in December, but this beer makes a great addition to the fall/winter beer lineup. So, if you’re worried about getting scurvy from all those porters and stouts this season, go ahead and throw some fruit in the mix!


Author: Joshua Dion

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