Mother Earth Sisters of the Moon IPA

Mother Earth Sisters of the Moon IPA

Our last 2 meals in North Carolina (dinner Thursday, lunch Friday) were both at a little joint in downtown Raleigh called the Remedy Diner. We returned to the spot not because they had great beer (although they did have a good selection), but because the food was so amazing. Remedy Diner is an all vegetarian restaurant where 90% of the plates can be made vegan. I had the best “meatball” sub ever for dinner, followed by on the next day a “steak bomb” that they called the “fake bomb”. For both trips I dined on their sopapilla-crusted “cheesecake”, which was dry-dump-the-bar-stool-delicious.

My farewell North Carolina beer was downed during our lunch visit. I gave the Mother Earth Sisters of the Moon IPA a whirl. This American IPA had pucker-rific bitterness up front. The hop character mellows in the middle to a grainy malt flavor, and then swings back to bitter very late, finishing incredibly dry. It was quite hoppy. I thought it was a decent brew.


Author: Joshua Dion

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