New Belgium Ranger IPA

New Belgium Ranger IPA

Being exposed to so much new beer last week on my trip to North Carolina last week, I felt the excitement of a 16 year old with stolen Budweiser. Otherwise average beer became like that limited edition hard to find beer you wait in line for. Admittedly silly? Yes. Exciting nonetheless? Absolutely!

My first night in town we stopped at Serena, a casual Italian restaurant/grill/bar. I digged the laid-back, open-space concept of the place.

For dinner I had a terrific plate of pasta topped with dry-rubbed Portobello mushroom. To accompany it I tried the New Belgium Ranger IPA. New Belgium is making in-roads in North Carolina, with plans to build a brewery in Ashville. Having had limited opportunities to try New Belgium, I jumped at the chance.

Dinner - Monday 3-4-2013 (Serena RTP)

The Ranger IPA was a solid American IPA. It poured with a fluffy head, which quickly dissipated. It brought solid hoppiness to the table, without being overbearing. Floral hops are the main player, with pine flavors in the mix too. It had a medium carbonation. The 6.5% ABV could be dangerous, as the stuff goes down like water. In summary, I’d like to quote the Hawaiian Punch Guy: OHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH!


Author: Joshua Dion

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