Philadelphia Brewing Company Walt Wit

Philadelphia Brewing Walt Wit

I’m on a quick road trip to New Jersey this weekend, visiting friends and family, so I find myself typing this at the surprisingly nice Candlewood Suites in Mt. Laurel. As an aside, pretty good value if you’re ever looking for a hotel outside Philadelphia.

One other side benefit to visiting Jersey is the ability to try new Philly microbrews. I’ve favorably reviewed multiple Yards Brewery beers, so I was very psyched to come across a local brew I’ve never seen before when I stopped into the excellent Joe Canal’s liquor store.

Philadelphia Brewing Walt Wit six pack

It didn’t have the same label appeal as many of the other brews in the cooler, but Walt Whitman’ wizened visage caught my eye and made me think I needed to grab this sixer. It’s a Belgian-style unfiltered white ale, brewed with grapefruit peel and chamomile, and sounds effing awesome!

The cleverly titled Walt Wit (Whitman was a Philadelphia-area resident) pours out a cloudy straw yellow color, with a light foam crown. I picked up a nice citrus aroma with some spicy hints, and was ready to dive in. The taste starts out with lots of spices, dominated by coriander, and fades into the grapefruit citrus middle. The grapefruit was a lot sweeter than I expected, and the chamomile end note was smooth and complex.

Philadelphia Brewing Walt Wit glass

This brew doesn’t have very much mouthfeel at all, and it’s quite crisp and clear with a low 4.2% ABV. I could definitely see this being a great summer beer when it’s hot and gross outside. Walt’s Wit probably isn’t the greatest witbier ever, but it’s definitely worth trying one of these.

Congrats Philly – your local breweries have come through once again!


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