Unibroue Terrible

Unibroue Terrible

Around 3:00am this morning I woke up with excruciating stomach pain. SURPRISE! Food poisoning! I proceeded to crap my brains out for hours. At a couple of points, cold sweats took over along with the urge to vomit.

Pro-tip: Throwing yourself off the toilet and laying naked on the cold bathroom floor is a successful tactic to avoid barfing.

On the up-side, I weighed myself just now and I’m right where I was freshman year of college. Nothing like dehydration to knock off a bunch of pounds! Although it was a real shit-show last night (pun intended), I’m finally starting to feel more normal and was able to eat some late lunch without issue. Tonight I’m going out for Mexican…smart, eh?

How’s that for TMI?

Unibroue Terrible

Unibroue Terrible

Two nights ago I drank a bottle of Unibroue Terrible. I figured given the circumstances, reviewing a beer named “Terrible” was apropos.

This is a Belgian Strong Dark Ale. And I’ll tell you this: It’s definitely strong (10.5% ABV) and it’s definitely Belgian. Given how “big” it is, this beer is complex and difficult to describe. Dark fruit such as sweet cherry and fig are big players, while strong spices that I would expect in a Belgian are main attractions too. The head on the beer was frankly stupid-huge. When Melissa saw my pour, she excitedly said “Get out a spoon!”

It’s a really good beer. Make sure you share it with a friend if you get the bomber sized bottle!


Unibroue Terrible

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