Aleman / Stone Dayman and DuClaw Hellrazer IPA



Joshua: There you are. Was worried you wouldn’t make it!
Silvio: Dude this is a tradition!
Joshua: Quickly – predictions? Who will die?
Silvio: I think the crew leaves the prison before the governor attacks.
Silvio: i think he kills Andrea, but i think everyone else lives. And this guy, the lackey (Milton), dead as a doornail
Silvio: What’s your prediction?
Joshua: Andrea, Governor, Herschel all die
Silvio: remember how during the last season finale we discussed how the helicopter that led the herd to the farm would have implications? And it was the way the governor got all the army supplies…
Joshua: Right!
Silvio: Wonder if they’ll do something similar with this one

Milton is stabbed by the governor

Silvio: Man, the governor is such a dick. Milton – redeemed.
Joshua: Holy crap! That’s a nasty way to go.
Silvio: Nastier for Andrea than Milton.

The Governor says to Milton: “In this life now you kill or you die,” he tells Milton as he locks him the room with Andrea, “Or you die and you kill.”

Joshua: That’s a great line

DuClaw Hellrazer IPA

Commercial break

Silvio: okay, let’s do some reviewing!
Joshua: I’m drinking an Aleman / Stone collaboration beer called Dayman Coffee IPA. You?
Silvio: I tried to find something at least somewhat related to Walking Dead and went with DuClaw’s Hellrazer IPA. You may remember i gave their thunderclap/thundercrap a poor review. I’m hoping this redeems.
Joshua: I’ve never had a beer like this Dayman. It’s coffee and IPA all the way.
Silvio: Hellrazer pours out a dark and golden hazy color, with very little foam. It smells pretty sweet for an IPA, quite malty.

DuClaw Hellrazer IPA

End commercial break – Cut to scene with Rick’s people packing up their belongings.

Silvio: Told you they’re gonna leave. There’s no way they could have defended the prison.
Joshua: You called it.
Joshua: Carl is looking more and more grown up. He’s so far from the “where the hell is Carl” character of seasons past.
Silvio: You took the words out of my mouth.
Silvio: You think Lori’s ghost follows them?
Joshua: I don’t.

Rick is explaining to Michonne what the deal was and why he didn’t turn Michonne over, citing that Carl convinced Rick that she was part of the group.

Silvio: Looking forward to this Michonne/Rick scene.
Joshua: Carl is now in charge!

DuClaw Hellrazer IPA

Cut back to Woodbury. Tyrese and Sasha refuse to fight people want to stay back at the town.

Silvio: This guy [Tyrese] is dead. governor is about to kill him.
Joshua: Yup. Wait for it….
Silvio: They should have left when they had the chance

Governor and his “army” reach the prison. Start blasting away.

Silvio: Here comes the boom!
Joshua: No one home I bet. If they were smart, they loaded the prison with walkers. Or booby trapped the place somehow.
Silvio: I was thinking booby traps but they didn’t have explosives. Walkers is a good call.
Joshua: They could lock them INTO the prison…
Joshua: I’m on the edge of my F-ing seat

Stone Aleman Dayman IPA

Commercial break

Silvio: OK back to beer!
Silvio: This is not a hoppy ipa at all. It’s super malty, very sweet.
Joshua: Interesting. Don’t see that very often.
Silvio: I almost get a honey flavor at the start. Through the middle it’s a bit more of a typical hops. Toward the end i get some sour notes.
Joshua: Hops: floral? piney? citrus?
Silvio: Kind of grassy if i had to say one flavor, but it’s really indistinct.

End commercial break – Governor’s army is now inside the prison, going deeper and deeper.

Silvio: I think the non-governor group hits a bunch of walkers.
Joshua: I dunno what will happen, but I find it odd that they are venturing into the prison.
Silvio: I wonder if they go back to rescue Andrea?

Cut to Andrea talking with Milton, while (casually) trying to pick up the pliers.

Silvio: If i were her, i wouldn’t be stopping for anything
Joshua: OMFG…why is she pausing to talk???
Silvio: Andrea not killing the governor was a MAJOR mistake. And now Milton is dead, and she’s about to fight a zombie.

Cut to prison. Fireworks going off? Rick’s team didn’t leave, springs an ambush.

Joshua: They didn’t have explosives, but they had fireworks?

Carl guns down a kid.

Silvio: CARL!
Joshua: Ho.
Joshua: Le.
Joshua: Shit.
Joshua: Ummmm….speechless
Silvio: WOW, I seriously got that whole thing wrong.

Stone Aleman Dayman IPA

Commercial break

Joshua: Like yours, this IPA is mostly malty too. A strange coincidence! This beer is classified as an American IPA, but I think it needs its own style. They used freshly roasted coffee beans and put it into IPA.
Silvio: Sounds about as crazy as this episode.
Joshua: It’s sweet and roasted up front, with only some mild hoppage near the tail end. The aftertaste end does give a decent citrus hop bite. It’s like…coffee chased with nectarines! Truly unique. I definitely recommend you try it if you can find it.

End commercial break – Governor pulls the “Army” over after they have run away.

Silvio: Governor’s going to counter attack.
Joshua: Rut ro.
Silvio: ….or just kill everyone!
Joshua: O
Joshua: M
Joshua: G
Silvio: Man, that dude is a DICK.
Joshua: Leaks said 27 people would die in this show. That must have been 20+.
Silvio: His two lieutenants must be seriously reconsidering their commissions
Joshua: You think? :)

DuClaw Hellrazer IPA

Commercial break

Joshua: Any final thoughts on your beer?
Silvio: It’s good! A duclaw redemption. 7.5% ABV. I like it, but i really wouldn’t consider it an IPA.
Joshua: I’ll come over the top with the Dayman’s 8.7%. A damn fine beer and nowhere near as hoppy as other Stone brews.

Commercial break ends – Rick talks to Carl about killing the kid. With remarkable (and chilling) logic, Carl tells Rick why he had to do it.

Silvio: Man, Carl is a DICK.
Joshua: Little bastard had a good argument. Can you argue with his logic?!?

Cut to Andrea/Milton. Milton is a zombie, coming at Andrea

Silvio: Here it goes. Milton v Andrea. She’s dead.

Camera cuts to outside the door. Viewers can’t tell what’s going on.

Silvio: Well that is a cliff hanger, huh?
Joshua: THEY DON’T SHOW IT?!?!

Rick & Co. are at Woodbury

Silvio: oh she got bit
Joshua: Not really sure why she couldn’t kill Milton quickly without getting bit, but whatever.
Silvio: Because she had to die. She vacillated too many times. That’s what the gov was talking about. Kill or be killed.

Back at the prison, Woodbury residents come to stay. Lori no longer appears to Rick.

Joshua: Brought everyone back, and no more Lori.
Joshua: A whole SHITLOAD of people to feed now and not a fighter among the bunch.
Silvio: But, they have humanity again. This is the whole “we are the right thing” narrative.

Joshua: I just don’t know what to say.
Silvio: Let me just say, that was a great episode
Joshua: The Gov and his cronies still out there. A whole slew of new characters
Silvio: but there’s only two cronies
Joshua: You know the gov isn’t gone for good…Carl going off the handle
Silvio: and it’s the first “nice” cliffhanger

Joshua: Thanks for the chat bro. Have a great evening.
Silvio: My pleasure. You too.

Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.