Anchor Summer Beer

Anchor Summer Beer bottle

Today is an absolutely glorious day in DC – 72, sunny, and blue skies. This is perfect¬†barbecue¬†weather, before it gets too hot and before bugs are all around, so we’re having a few people over for some grilling and summer seasonals.

Before our guests arrive, I wanted to do a quick review of the summer brew I picked up for tonight, Anchor’s Summer Brew. It’s billed as a 100% malt brew, 50% malted wheat fermented with ale yeast. That combo results in a frothy light white foam head atop a crystal-clear golden color, with a faint aroma of citrus and bready notes.

Anchor Summer Beer glass

Tastewise, this brew is pretty good. It’s light and crisp, with that classic lager flavor that’s perfect for a warm day. The citrus notes from the aroma are gone, replaced with a lot of bread and malts. I get some sourness toward the end, but it’s pretty unremarkable.

Overall, I’d give the Anchor Summer a solid “meh.” If you’re looking for a good cookout beer, this is a good choice. But if you’re looking for something with a bit more flavor or bite, you’d be best served looking elsewhere.

Anchor Summer Beer glass and bottle

Author: Silvio

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