Dogfish Head Etrusca Bronze

Dogfish Head Etrusca Bronze

Yesterday I filed a complaint with my local Hyundai dealer. My 2010 Genesis Coupe (her name is “Genny”) has a leaky rear tail light. This has happened twice before (fall 2010 and fall 2011), luckily within warranty. In the 2010 incident, my trunk filled with about 4 inches of water. Now that my car is out of warranty, the tail light is at it again. A little Googling revealed that this is a manufacture defect with the adhesive that holds the foam, which creates the gasket with the lens. If I have to cough up $600 to repair a factory issue, I’m going to be a very displeased customer.

/Rant Off

Tonight I’m throwing you a review of Dogfish Head Etrusca Bronze. I drank this last weekend while hanging out with friends Greg & Heather. Given how complex I knew the beer would be, I needed to share it and get some different opinions. This sucker is brewed with honey, hazel nut flour, heirloom wheat, myrrh, gentian root, raisins and pomegranate juice.

I picked up a ton of spice, but really nothing else. Greg said it was reminiscent of wine and was effervescent. Heather tasted what she referred to as “incense”. Greg made a very good comparison to a dessert wine, like port. In sum: too complex, and not good.

When I first got into craft beer, DFH was my favorite brewery. They made such brilliantly unique beer, it made for interesting and delicious beer reviewing. Over the years my interest has faded. DFH continues to make unique beer, but I find it to be way over the top, too complex and if I’m being honest – contrived. My favorite DFH beers are their simpler ones, such as Festina Peche.


Dogfish Head Etrusca Bronze

Author: Joshua Dion

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