Founders All Day IPA

Founders All Day IPA

After many tedious hours of debugging, I’m tentatively claiming victory over the website performance issues. There was a long list of things I tried. I’m honestly not sure if there was one thing that fixed it, or a culmination of many changes.

My celebratory beer is this Founders All Day IPA 4.5% ABV session beer.

Founders All Day IPA

When people ask me “what’s your favorite beer?”, I tell them that as a beer reviewer, my favorite beer frequently changes. I often follow-up with providing the name of my favorite brewery: Founders.

And this All Day IPA only reinforces that opinion. It’s a hoppy entry into the “session” (a.k.a. highly drinkable / chuggable) arena. It’s floral and tropical citrus flavors are surprisingly strong.

The magic of Founders is that they are capable of making FANTASTIC beer without adding all kinds of unique and crazy ingredients. The beer in hand is another example of that – simple and delicious.


Founders All Day IPA

Author: Joshua Dion

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