Henry Weinhard’s Woodland Pass IPA

Henry Weinhard's Woodland Pass bottle

It’s (thankfully) finally completely spring weather – Major League Baseball has started, my softball league kicks off tomorrow, all the plants in my back yard are budding, and wifey and I got to ride our bikes to get beer and barbecue today.

I’m looking forward to a relaxing night at home, and decided to kick things off with a bottle of Henry Weinhard’s Woodland Pass IPA. I’ve never seen this beer before, but it’s an Oregon-based brewery, which usually means good hops.

Henry Weinhard's Woodland Pass bottle and glass

The brew pours out a crystal-clear amber color with tons of carbonation. It had a decent foam crown to start, but it evaporated pretty quickly. The combination of color and clarity reminded me of apple juice, and there wasn’t much of a distinct aroma. Maybe a bit of malts, but no real hops to speak of.

Regardless, I still had decent hopes for this beer, but as an IPA, Henry Weinhard strikes out looking. Woodland Pass starts out with sweet caramel malts and quickly blends into a vague hops-like bitterness, but there’s nothing of note until the long bitter note with hints of citrus.

Overall, I’d give this beer a solid “meh” – there’s a decent 6% ABV and some nice malts, but I really didn’t get any hops at all. That’s pretty surprising for a West Coast brewery,and hopefully it was just a bad batch.

Author: Silvio

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